We perform installations of CCTV systems and alarm systems:

     houses and flats
     schools, dormitories
     shops, offices, pensions
     banks, petrol stations
     car parks, halls
     construction sites, gravel pits
     cameras in elevators, on housing estates
     farms, farm
     unusual plants - unlimited possibilities
     How wired systems both wireless

With well zbudowanemu monitoring system, we have to constantly monitor our business, home, eg through access to the Internet, a web browser or even on your mobile phone.


Montaż kamer w windach Schindler. Jesteśmy autoryzowanym instalatorem kamer w windach firmy Schindler. Zapewniamy serwis i konserwacje urządzeń CCTV w windach osobowych.
 Naszym klientom zapewniamy:
- pozwolenie z firmy Schindler.
- zmianę dokumentacji dźwigu.
- pozwolenie z UDT.
- gwarancja 24 m-ce.
- serwis pogwarancyjny.
- umożliwiamy zapłatę w ratach bez dodatkowych odsetek.
- długie terminy płatności  do 30 dni.
- płatność w transzach lub ratach.


Because our specialty is the design and installation of CCTV systems.
We specialize in CCTV and systems closely related to the protection of property - do not fix computers, do not create websites, we do not assume no podłączmy satellite TV telephone, etc ... :)

      Our company was not created yesterday and will not be closed tomorrow :) We install cameras from 10 years.

     Designing a CCTV system we take into account other factors that affect the final result, regardless of the quality of all the cameras.
     Especially pay attention to where and how it is to be mounted camera, for example: Do not be exposed to the glare of light?
     Assure the selection of appropriate lenses and cameras to the conditions in which they work.

     Our employees have a university computer, electronic and electrical equipment.
     Our employees are authorized SEP, systems perform in accordance with applicable regulations.
     Regularly participates in training in the security industry property, in particular CCTV.

      We provide warranty service.
      VAT invoice 23%

      We do not hire students!

      For the convenience of customers - if necessary - we montages at any time of day or night.

      Systems design and manufacture in accordance with the provisions of the SEP.
     We have facilities for substitution in case of failure such as DVRs.


Video surveillance is not only safe - it is also continuous supervision of employees. Wherever you are, thanks to communications over the Internet with video recorder we live and archived access to the image.

In addition:

     Monitoring of a house or apartment - security and control of our property and family.
     Monitoring plots - view both day and night, even in a dark area.
     Monitoring the company - we know what is happening in our company.
     External monitoring - in order to protect the outside.
     Monitoring of continuous unbroken record of 24

We provide CCTV systems of all types. In order to obtain additional information, please contact us by phone or electronically. All the necessary information in the Contact section.


Wykonujemy również instalacje nietypowe, powiązane z rejestratorami typu super mini, ukryte kamery, z zapisem na kartę SD, monitoring w pojazdach typu Autobusy, Ciężarówki, Samochody osobowe itp.


Jako firma specjalizująca się w zabezpieczani mienia instalujemy również systemy:

  • Systemy alarmowe w domach i mieszkaniach z powiadomienie GSM
  • Systemy dozorowe - kontrola dostępu
  • DSO - dźwiękowe systemy ostrzegawcze
  • Systemy wideo-domofonowe (jedno i wielorodzinne)
  • Zabezpieczanie systemem alarmowym (pojazdy, maszyny budowlane, jachty ....)
  • Lokalizacje GPS z powiadomieniem GSM (pojazdy, maszyny budowlane, jachty ....)